All research institutes have a ‘fellowship’ position, most have a ‘junior’ or ‘associate’ position, and some have external, visiting and/or honorary positions. Fellowship is awarded to productive researchers who publish in top, or at least very good, journals. Most schools work with an allocation system of points for publications such that a researcher is required to publish at a high (and sometimes at the highest) level in order to qualify. Most schools provide research time (generally 40%) based upon the researcher’s qualification as fellow (or member) of the research institute (except CentER where fellowship is conditional on (50%) research time achieved).

We choose for a fellowship system that distinguishes between regular fellowships (ABRI members), associate/candidate fellowships (to be members), and visitors.
We use the new research time allocation system to establish RI membership; the points that are accumulated based on the top 5 publications in 5 years are used to establish criteria for (associate) membership, keeping in mind levels set by comparable research institutes. We choose to use points rather than allocated research time for reasons of stability (allocated research time based on a specific number of points may vary annually). We further seek to establish ABRI fellowship criteria that are not inconsistent with SBE criteria for tenure.