Procedures for the review of a research proposal

1. The committee reviews research involving human subjects that is wholly or partially conducted by academic staff of SBE. The SBE RERB focuses on research proposals that require ethical clearance by third parties (e.g. academic journals or grant suppliers), and research proposals of researchers who are unsure about the ethical soundness of their research, having read the SBE Ethics Regulations for Researchers.

2. Before submitting a research proposal to the RERB, the applicant should read the SBE Research Ethics Regulations for Researchers, and make sure that his/her research is compliant with the regulations as outlined in that document. The scientific quality and the ethical soundness of the research are primarily the responsibility of the applicant.

Please click here to download SBE Ethics Regulations for Researchers.

3. Research proposals are submitted to the RERB secretary ( by means of the completed RERB Research Ethics Review Checklist. The RERB secretary conducts the initial screening of the proposal, and distributes it to the relevant RERB members for further review.

Please click here to download the RERB Research Ethics Review Checklist

4. Research proposals that comply with the SBE Ethics Regulations for Researchers fall within the scope of ‘standard research’, and are reviewed by 2 RERB members and the RERB secretary (‘quick procedure’).

5. The full committee meets at least four times a year to assess cases that deviate from the norms of ‘standard research’ (‘full procedure’).

6. The RERB secretary informs the applicant about the judgment with respect to the application within 12 weeks after receipt of the application. Any delay will be timely communicated to the applicant. The RERB communicates its judgment in writing to the applicant. A copy of the judgment is sent to the relevant head(s) of department(s).

7. The committee may consult external experts for the assessment of applications.