Development and enactment of Transactive Memory Systems

Network This is a collaboration between Leonie Houtman (PhD student), Julia Kotlarsky (Aston Business School) and Bart van den Hooff. The focus of this project is on the development and enactment of a Transactive Memory System or TMS. A TMS is a collective memory system, consisting of the combination of individual memory systems and communications between individuals, enabling the shared division of cognitive labor to encode, store, and retrieve knowledge from different but complementary domains of expertise in collective tasks. We study how various factors, such as knowledge boundaries, technologies, emergency vs. regular situations and professional identities, shape the development and enactment of such a TMS in practice. We combine Social Network Analysis with a TMS survey and interviews to study these phenomena in practice. This project will be further extended, and we would welcome collaborations with knowledge-intensive organizations with a high degree of internal diversity in terms of knowledge, expertise, dispersedness, etc.

Contact Information:
Leonie Houtman
Bart van den Hooff