Knowledge integration in dispersed R&D settings

GlobeThis is a collaboration between Roos Erkelens (PhD student), Bart van den Hooff, Marleen   Huysman and Paul Vlaar. In this project, we investigate how knowledge integration is managed in dispersed R&D projects. Building on case studies in globally dispersed technological organizations, we identify a variety of interrelated, possibly conflicting and (counter)productive management approaches influencing the realization of dispersed innovation. Specifically, we find that integration within and across projects benefits from a focus on facilitating connections between units, whereas institutionalizing knowledge in the organization requires a focus on content. We contribute to the literature by illustrating knowledge integration efforts in dispersed R&D settings at the micro level, which reveal a tension between a process of heedful interrelating occurring in R&D processes and the deliberate management efforts to establish knowledge institutionalization. We plan to build on this project and would welcome collaborations with multinational, R&D-intensive organizations.


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Roos Erkelens
Bart van den Hooff
Marleen Huysman
Paul Vlaar