Transcending or confining (Network Institute Akademie Assistant project)

This is a collaboration between SBE (Marlous Agterberg, Bart van den Hooff) and FSW (Sonja Utz, Nicoleta Balau) which aims to find out:  

  • How knowledge sharing between members of various knowledge networks transcends (or not) the boundaries between different knowledge networks  
  • Under which conditions knowledge is shared across or confined by boundaries of knowledge networks?

A combination between an experiment and a case study is used to provide insight into these questions. We focus on a combination of social dynamics (social identity) and technological affordances (of collaboration tools) in explaining the extent to which people share their knowledge across the boundaries of various knowledge networks in which they are involved.

Contact Information:
Marlous Agterberg
Bart van den Hooff
Sonja Utz
Nicoleta Balau