Amsterdam Center for Career Research (ACCR)

At the Amsterdam Center for Career Research (ACCR), senior researchers and PhD join forces to study careers. Members jointly collect data within organizations, and share the expertise they gathered. Considering relevant developments within organizations, for example ageing and growing employee diversity, the ACCR studies career predictors, patterns, and outcomes. More specifically, we examine the effects of demographic factors (such as gender, ethnicity, age and life stage) and work-related individual characteristics (for instance pro-activity, networking behavior, and career orientation) on career patterns and outcomes such as promotion, salary, career satisfaction, commitment, and engagement. In addition, we do both qualitative and quantitative longitudinal research on the planned and unplanned effects of HR-interventions such as career customization, work-home arrangements, and talent and diversity management on individual careers and organization-level outcomes (retention, turnover, and advancement rates). Our research has been funded by the Dutch science foundation (NWO), the European Committee (ERC, Marie Curie, DG Science in Society), and various external parties including Delft University of Technology, the Dutch Bar Association, and several accountancy firms.


The ACCR is a leading research center in the Netherlands and Europe. Besides doing scientific research, we organize (inter)national conferences for academics and practitioners. Examples are the International Conference on Careers Research and Practice, the Dutch HRM Network ‘Capitalizing on diversity in HRM’, and various expert meetings around relevant themes. We maintain close relationships with professional organizations such as the Netherlands foundation for management development (NFMD), the Dutch association for personnel management and organization development (NVP), and several Dutch knowledge centers on sustainable employment and diversity.

Who to contact
Dr. Claartje Vinkenburg