Amsterdam Marketing Strategy Lab (AMSlab)

Amsterdam Marketing Strategy Lab (AMSlab) is a research center within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at VU University Amsterdam. It is an initiative from the marketing department as a way to reach out to the business community and build a network that brings together academics and practitioners to inspire innovative research and business practices. With an emphasis on strategic marketing, we do not just offer state-of-the art knowledge and advanced research methods TO companies, but further develop the marketing field TOGETHER WITH those companies. Marketing strategy concerns those decisions that affect an organization's long-term competitive market position based upon the desirability and superiority of the value that it offers to its customers. We help organizations to fully understand both manifest and latent needs of their customers and how to develop superior customer value in today’s dynamic market. By working with our faculty to better understand, serve and grow markets, science is made to practical use for organizations with profit and not-for-profit objectives alike.


Who to contact
Marc Lammens