Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behaviour Analysis (ADRIBA)

The Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behavior Analysis (ADRIBA) is a platform for the deepening, broadening and spreading of behavior analysis, the science of behavior change. The mission of ADRIBA is shaping performance. The name ADRIBA is a tribute to the most import pioneer in applying behavior analysis in organizations, dr. Aubrey Daniels. ADRIBA works closely with his organization in Atlanta (United States).


The goal of ADRIBA is to increase work satisfaction and work performance in European companies by changing behavior. Behavior analysis differs from other approaches on the following aspects:

1.       Measurable performance improvement (output)

2.       Replicable research methods

3.       Technological - application of behavioral laws discovered in the laboratory by Nobel Prize winner Pavlov and others.

4.       Social relevant and solution focused

5.       Focused on the context – laws of behavior are found in environmental contingencies


Certified partners of ADRIBA have experience with applying the following protocol in increasing performance by behavior change:

1.       Specifying the target performance

2.       Measuring the performance

3.       Analyzing the performance by finding its major antecedents and consequences

4.       Feedback of the measurements to the performers

5.       Setting (sub) goals for performance improvement

6.       Reinforcement when attaining the goals


Some recent research themes:

1.       Development of a performance management questionnaire

2.       Development of a performance management software program for monitoring and benchmarking performances both within and between participating companies

3.       Development of a performance management business simulation/game in order to assess the effects of training on performances

Who to contact
Marius Rietdijk