VU China Research Centre (VCRC)


Entrepreneurship is already a field in which FEWEB has distinguished itself internationally. The research themes developed in the VCRC are therefore linked to entrepreneurship in the broadest sense of the term.

Chinese entrepreneurship
The influence of entrepreneurs in China is increasing. Business negotiations in China are no longer solely conducted with government agencies, but more and more with business leaders. European investors will benefit from more insight in what drives Chinese entrepreneurs. Joint research of VCRC’s Peter Peverelli and Dr Song Jiwen of our main Chinese partner has already led to a series of publications.

Chinese investment in Europe
Chinese companies are increasing their investments in Europe, by setting up their own subsidiaries or by acquiring European companies. VCRC researchers are interested in the strategic considerations of Chinese enterprises in this respect, and are also looking into in the way Chinese companies manage their European daughters.

Ethnic/migrant entrepreneurship
These are already generally regarded as interesting growth markets in Europe. It is less known that they are also showing equal prospects in China. Migrants already form the largest group of entrepreneurs in major Chinese cities and entrepreneurship offers a major route to prosperity for China’s ethnic minorities.

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