Accounting & Financial Management

Groot, Tom Research Track Chair

 Prof. dr. Tom Groot
 Tel.: +31 (0) 20 598 6108



In today's business arena the need for transparency and involvement of all stakeholders requires organisations to develop and improve their accounting and financial reporting practices. In this track we focus on explaining choices made by organisations in the design of their internal and external reporting systems. In this context keywords are financial reporting, corporate reporting information, accounting information, strategic alliances, and value auditing. The track consists of three sub-programmes: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Auditing. Due to the wide variety in subjects, in our research we apply extensive and diverse research methods such as case studies, archival studies, longitudinal data analyses, surveys, and (semi-) controlled experiments.

Keywords: financial reporting; corporate reporting information; accounting information; strategic alliances; value auditing.

Rijken, Herbert Research Track Chair

Prof. dr. Herbert Rijken
 Tel.+31 (0) 20 5986101

Despite the progress researchers make in the field of Corporate Finance Research still a lot of issues remain unresolved. A combined effort is needed in theory, empirics and practical insight in the profession of Corporate Finance. In this research track we attempt to understand the practice corporate finance decisions by relating them with asset quality financial market conditions and corporate governance quality. A crucial step in this research is an understanding of the (micro) economics of corporate security pricing. First how to measure corporate risk and second how to price them. More specific, we focus on corporate credit risk, measurement of asset quality in relation with corporate finance decisions, (use and misuse) of corporate information in financial markets and the impact of corporate governance on corporate financial performance.

Keywords: corporate credit risk; financial performance; corporate governance.