Strategy & Entrepreneurship

 Research Track Chair

Stam, Prof. dr. W.Prof. dr. Wouter Stam
Tel: +31 (0) 20 598 6348



The research group undertakes research at the crossroad of the domains of strategy, organisation, and entrepreneurship and its mission is to contribute to scientific knowledge on the emerging field of strategic entrepreneurship in general, with a particular focus on alliances, networks and organisational processes to realise innovative opportunities. In the research track, we attempt to explain the origins, antecedents, nature, and consequences of entrepreneurial and innovative efforts and their outcomes in terms of performance and innovation. We use the strategic entrepreneurship lens to analyse the outcomes of strategic entrepreneurship activities, which means that we integrate theories related to the search for entrepreneurial opportunities with those focusing on the actions aimed at seeking strategic advantage.

Keywords: mergers; alliances; acquisition; performance; innovation.